VPN can do that?!

VPN can do that?!

VPN or Virtual Private Network has long been known to be a tool for protecting your data and privacy while browsing the internet.  To go on stealth mode online without traces of your identity, your connection goes to remote servers where your IP address is masked and encryption is added. It is widely used in business to ensure that hundreds or thousands of users’ sensitive information can be protected through entering a safe and private network.

And if you think VPN is already awesome by doing this kind of trick, well, be prepared to get more amazed because it goes beyond that.

  1. Watch your favorite global shows without restriction

We are all guilty of binge-watching our favorite shows on Netflix, HBO or Pandora, but that’s fine as long as we’re sitting on our couch at the comforts of our home. But regional restriction can hinder you from watching your favorite shows while on travel because of regional restrictions. By using VPN, you can unblock the streaming sites by changing your IP address to the service’s host country and even gain access to the exclusive contents for a certain region.


  1. Remove censorship and site blocking


Speaking of regional restrictions, some countries can also be quite strict with popular sites and social networks like Facebook and Youtube because they want to keep an eye on their netizens online. This includes countries like Iran, China, UAE among others. UK and other countries in Europe on the other hand tries to block access of any file-sharing sites, and they’re pretty serious about that. But because of the magic of VPN, you an easily get away with this blocking and censorship, thanks to strong encryption and private DNS servers used by a VPN.


  1. Be anonymous when needed


Companies don’t really appreciate negative information being spread out about them on the digital so trust that they would go after you for sharing an information that can damage their reputation. But through a VPN, you can easily voice out your opinion online when visiting or commenting on websites without being traced because it can mask your IP address. Same goes when you want to visit a website to research more about a competitor. Through the use of VPN, you will be treated as a random user without logging your true IP address.


  1. Save money on plane tickets and shopping


The geographic location can be a big factor when comparing prices for airline, hotel and even car rental services. These businesses are smarter, using cookies and geo-location to filter you as a potential customer. By using a VPN, you can save a few hundred bucks by using an IP address of a different country and dodge these high prices.


When you’re shopping abroad, you might be interested to know that using the IP address from another location can give you access to stores, products and prices, you might not get while at home. This way you can get a better deal and it can save you from hassle while transacting from your home country.


  1. Prevent Throttling


Don’t be surprised that Youtube and Netflix keep on re-buffering despite high speed connection. Youtube and Netflix eat up a lot of internet bandwidth that many ISPs will deliberately throttle your connection speed so they can save on the usage. But a good VPN can answer that. Through the strong encryption, ISP wont be able to read that traffic and get the right speed that you paid for.


Final Notes


There are many practical ways on how you can maximize your VPN.  Investing in one can definitely give you a lot more value than you think.

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