VPN is not as perfect as you think
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VPN is not as perfect as you think

VPN is not as perfect as you think

If you’re looking for security on your network, VPN has always been the first recommendation of experts and IT enthusiasts ensure that your browsing is secured and safe. It is painted as the ultimate solution to many things related to cybercrime which is of course a little oversell, don’t you think? Just like any other services, VPN is not foolproof.  And users have to be aware of its downside so you won’t feel like you got ripped off for the price you’re praying. Here are list of things to set your expectations right.

  1. It can slow down your internet performance.

VPN can affect the speed of your internet provider as your connection goes through the private network. As part of the expectation, speed is compromised at about 10-15% when connected to VPN service. It usually depends on some other factors like the VPN provider’s infrastructure or if you’re paying a premium for the service. Premium service can definitely give you larger bandwidth versus the free one. If you’re doing a lot of tasks using the internet such as downloading really large files, just expect that it’s not going to be as fast as your speedtest tells you.

  1. VPN has a pricetag attached to it.

If you really want a great service, it comes with a price. VPN.surf offers a $5/month package to cover 20+ locations, 99.9% easy set up, with SSL encryption, +5 VPN protocols, advanced security feature and  24/7 support. That’s pretty much a good deal and you might think it’s not really than expensive! But the first thing that you need to cover is the internet service which is generally expensive. So you’re paying two services in a month! But experts say, it is worth paying the extra bucks because fraud and identity theft could turn out to be a more expensive option.

  1. Some services may not work properly

Here’s some bads news. Despite the VPN reputation of masking your location to access unlimited movies and series on Netflix, we hate to say that Netflix usually blocks VPN service to make it harder for us to stream content not meant for our own location.

  1. VPN providers can also sell your information 

Remember that a VPN service is also linked with another service provider. And by using their service, you also share your private information that may end up in the wrong hands. This is very ironic, but that’s just how it is. To prevent this happening, ensure to choose a service provider like VPN.surf, with a great credibility and tight privacy policy.

In conclusion, a user should always manage their expectation on the VPN service. It is not a perfect solution to everything, but we believe the benefits of getting the service still outweigh the costs, and that makes it worth it.



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