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Your online privacy is our main concern. Our mission is to provide you with secure, private access to the internet from any device or location.

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Why Choose VPN Surf VPN Service

We at VPN.Surf promote absolute privacy while surfing the web and thus do not keep any logs of our clients’ online activities. It doesn’t end there:

Unrestricted Access

Unrestricted Access

Using VPN.Surf guarantees the full freedom to surf the internet’s waves without any pesky restrictions or obstructions.

Stay Anonymous

Stay Anonymous

With VPN.Surf, your identity and location will be hidden from people snooping around and monitoring your activities online.

Always Feel at Home

Always Feel at Home

With VPN.Surf, it’s possible to access your favorite streaming sites and your social media while travelling just as if you were back home.

Surf safe - both in web and the ocean

We believe that data privacy and safety should be an unquestionable given - and while being a completely transparent (and confident!) Virtual Private Network service provider, we want you to feel the freedom with your own skin!

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No borders, no restrictions - no Credit Card information required. Just hop on board and test the waters before joining our community.

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VPN Surf Services

VPN Service

Personal VPN Service

Our premium VPN software allows you to stay safe regardless of when and where you use it.

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VPN Software

Business VPN Service

Make sure that your business stays completely protected when any of your employees are surfing the web.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You just can’t imagine how much information and data one can gather through a single IP on the internet. It is for this reason that VPN.Surf provides real-world solutions to problems and issues encountered on the open waters of cyberspace.

A professional entity like VPN Surf which provides VPNs to the general public. A VPN is capable of masking your IP address and encrypting all your data over the internet which provides anonymity and security.

To use our VPN software, open the application > enter your user credentials > select your favorite location > press the power button. Note: in order to get user credentials you have to register at VPN Surf.

Use our VPN. All your data will be encrypted using 256 AES encryption which means that if a hacker gets access to your data, they won’t be able to crack it. On top of security, using our VPN will make you anonymous because we mask your IP address with one of ours.

Virtual Private Server abbreviated as VPN is a secure way to access the internet. The VPN provides online privacy, security and anonymity by creating a private network within the public internet.

You can connect to vpn on your linux vps hosting server and windows vps server, your server public ip address will be change after connecting to VPN server.

VPN Surf provides vpn service from more than 15 locations world wide, we have servers in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Denmark and much more, also we are working hard to add more other locations to our servers list. follow our twitter account to be the first to know about our new locations.

A VPN connection will route all your internet connection through its own network, so all your interactions with internet will be with VPN IP address and this will keep your main IP address safe.

yes, you can download our android mobile application from google play store & for IOS mobile application you can download vpn surf app from iphone App store. you can use 7 days free trail VPN service on our mobile applications.

We have developed vpn software for Windows and MacOS, you can download desktop applications in our download page.

we accept credit cards, paypal, perfect money, webmoney and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, etherium and much more.

VPN account will be activated just after payment confirmation and its automated process, if you have not received your vpn account after payment please contact to our support team.

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