Here are the Things to Look for in a VPN Service
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Here are the Things to Look for in a VPN Service

Here are the Things to Look for in a VPN Service

We know by now what VPNs are capable of and why they are a must-have in this day and age. Now, the question is – how do we choose the most reliable and effective VPN tool, with so many options currently offered out there? At this point, plenty of users already get lost in figuring out which VPN service to give preference to.

In this post, we will talk about the key aspects of a VPN tool that you need to look into as a user who can benefit so much from a VPN service.  

What You Need to Look for in a VPN Service

There are plenty of VPN services available in the market today. But to know which ones are a cut above the rest, you need to look at their performance in the following key areas:


Of course, this is something that every internet-based service needs to be consistent at. You get a VPN service to ensure that your internet connection is fast and safe. Depending on your activities, from watching HD movies to playing online games, internet speed is something that you just can’t be lagging at if you’re a service provider. Because today, the faster your speeds are, the more you get out of your Internet experience.

Encryption Key

If you’re talking internet language on security and privacy, you cannot afford to miss this term. Encryption keys enable VPNs to properly hide a user’s data, and in this manner, make it impossible for hackers to target and steal your personal or business information. Most VPNs use a key-length of 1024-bits which has been considered safe and reliable a few years ago. However, as modern computers and tools are being used by hackers nowadays, it’s important that you pick a service with 2048-bit keys.  


If there’s one key aspect which tips the scale towards a better VPN service, it has got to be the protocol which a VPN service works with. Look for services supported by PPTP and L2TP protocols as they offer the safest and most effective protection. However, if you’re more into privacy and anonymity, then you may also want to consider an OpenVPN-based service. On top of its premium on privacy, OpenVPNs also protect you against cyber-attacks and snooping entities. A combination of the three should be more than enough to cover your security and privacy needs, so go with a service that offers all these.   

Platform Accessibility

Nowadays, everybody can access the internet through various means, by that we mean, using different devices or platforms. Not only can we go online through our computers and laptops, but it’s also now common to use smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets to do this task. And since going online poses several threats to users’ privacy and security, it’s important to protect each of your device when you access the internet. That being said, it’s important to pick a VPN service that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and MacOs devices, as much as possible.

Number of Devices Covered

Following the above point, you need to get a VPN service that you can install on a number of your devices at one time. Having this feature will help you ensure protection across all your devices when you access the internet on both private and public networks.


Services may appear very similar on paper but you want to get the full benefits of the product that you pick without hurting your finances so it’s important that you also consider the pricing when choosing a VPN over another. Most VPN services come in a variety of plans. Get a plan that works best for your budget, giving preference to the more comprehensive (pricier) ones as they offer better connection speeds to match the service that you need.

If you haven’t explored your options yet for a VPN service, check out ‘s features and how easy it is to use for your online activities. By educating yourself with the features and tools that match your needs, you can better make an educated decision when it comes to matters that can easily get technical such as VPN services.


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