How to Secure your Android Phone

How to Secure your Android Phone

Your smartphone is a gold mine of personal information that can attract hackers and identity theft. Although some people might think that Android Phone could be the most secure smartphone in the planet, well, let’s just say everyone can be a victim nowadays. So how do you secure your phone?

  1. Lock it.

Seriously the most basic thing. The good old PIN is still the most reliable way to do it. We hate to break it to you but fingerprints, patterns, voice-recognition and iris scanning are just there for marketing. They're all easier to crack.

  1. Use two-step verification.

It’s always good to be a little paranoid. An added layer of protection is to lock down your google services too using Google’s two-factor verification.

A simple steps to do it.

  • Log-in to your Google account and head to two-step verification settings page
  • Choose “Using 2-step verification from menu
  • Follow the prompts and choose whether to get verifications codes by voice or SMS.
  • Once you get the verification number, enter into your web browser’s data entry box. You will be asked if you want to remember the computer you’re using. Just say YES and the program will be authorized for use for 30-days.
  • You turn on 2-step verification, and done!

Alternatively, you can use Google Prompt to authorize Google apps by simply entering YES once prompted on phone.

  1. Only download and use apps from google playstore.

Unreliable third party application sources could be a source of Android malware than can get access on your personal data. Google at least tries to jeep the Play Store safe for android users. For instance, Google Play protect can can your device as you as install it. You can activate it by going to Settings>Security>PlayProtect. And while you’re at it, run a full scan on your device to check security threats. And if you don’t use the app, just uninstall it. A digital clean up saves you space and lessen your exposure to hacking. 

  1. Install an anti-virus software.

This is needed for malware protection. You can easily find some free anti-virus program online or go for premium for added features.

  1. Turn off connections when not in use

Using public wi-fi and Bluetooth can make your phone vulnerable to threats. These network connections are not secure so don’t take that risk.

  1. Invest on a VPN

If you really can’t help connecting to wi-fi due to the nature of your work or because you’re a sucker for freebies, well go ahead and do so. Just stay protected through investing on a mobile VPN to ensure your safety and not compromise your personal data.


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