5 Benefits Companies Get from a VPN Service

5 Benefits Companies Get from a VPN Service

The digital age has greatly influenced the way we do many things. From communication and social networking to performing other dadta-sensitive transactions such as banking and other relevant business operations, whether you’re an individual entity or a representative of a company, it’s important to know how things like privacy and data security can impact your lifestyle or the way you perform your businesses.   

The risk of having your data and privacy becoming compromised online is big as it is for private individuals, all the more for companies with a handful to hundreds of assets to protect, and employees to support. In this post we detail the 5 major advantages for companies with VPN protection:

5 Ways Companies Can benefit from VPNs

1.    VPNs significantly lower the risk of data and security breaches as well as cyber-attacks.

You may feel like there is an off chance that you’d be targeted by a cyber-attack, but that’s because only the worst breaches make the news. However, according to reports, there have been more cyber-attacks recorded than ever before. In 2014-2015, the incidences of zero-day breaches have skyrocketed to 125%. With a VPN service and by having your employees avoid public networks, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of your company being attacked by hackers, viruses, and cyber-criminals.       

2.    VPNs promote productivity.

If your employees are aware of the risks they may get from working online or logging on the internet, they would be careful not to simply connect to public networks.  And when there’s traveling involved in their job, it won’t be as easy for them to carry out their responsibilities when there’s a constant threat to privacy and data security clouding their mind. Peace of mind greatly impacts focus and productivity. 

3.    VPNs secure your businesses with clients.

Where data collection of sensitive information is involved, whether from customers, clients, or even patients, a reliable security tool such as a VPN can ease all worries. Even if not everyone knows about it, taking the initiative and showing assurance in your commitment to protecting your clients’ data secure can speak volumes about your company quality of work. 

4.    VPNs break regional barriers despite physical location restrictions and constant traveling.

If you or your employees do a lot of traveling for work, masking your original IP address with a VPN’s will prove to be very useful.  As some countries restrict the data and information you can access from within their territory, a VPN can enable you to keep your connections (such as through Facebook, and other social networking platforms, especially your office/work network). Furthermore, some clients may feel uncomfortable receiving e-mails which appear to be sent from overseas, other than your original company home base. A VPN service can take care of this limitation.

5.    VPNs give value for your money.    

Imagine if you can have all the benefits mentioned above for as low as $10 a month (but prices may vary). Having this important upgrade is definitely well worth your time and money because you can’t get this kind of protection for any less.


Aside from the above benefits, VPNs are also quite easy to use. So getting everyone on board should not be a problem to do, just as long as everyone shows compliance to this important security procedure. With your initiative and a little education regarding the benefits which this practical solution brings, your business processes will be secured and your company will see better results. To  find out more about VPN products and services such as VPN.surf, click here.





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