How to Setup a VPN Connection in Windows 8
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How to Setup a VPN Connection in Windows 8

How to Setup a VPN Connection in Windows 8? You can use the following procedure to create a new VPN connection from the desktop of your Windows 8 computer.

To create a new VPN connection

  1. In the task bar, locate and right-click on the Network icon. Click Open Network and Sharing Center. Network and Sharing Center opens.
  2. In Network and Sharing Center, in Change your networking settings, click Set up a new connection or network. The Set up a Connection or Network wizard opens.
  3. In Choose a connection option, click Connect to a workplace, and then click Next.
  4. In How do you want to connect, click Use my Internet connection (VPN).
  5. If the wizard asks whether you want to set up an Internet connection, make your selection to set one up now or postpone until later.
  6. In Type the Internet address to connect to, in Internet address, type the IP address of the VPN server to which you want to connect. In Destination name type a friendly name to help you identify the VPN connection later. For example, if you work for an organization named Contoso, type Contoso VPN connection. Also select any check boxes that are appropriate for your situation.
  7. Click Create. The VPN connection is created and the Networks side bar opens to show you the network connections that are configured on the computer.
Connecting by using your VPN connection After you have created a VPN connection, the easiest way to access it from the desktop is to left-click the network icon in the system tray. The left-click opens the Networks side bar and displays your VPN connection. To connect, left click the VPN connection, and then click Connect, In Network Authentication, type your VPN Surf VPN Service user name in the format DOMAIN\User name, and then type your password.
How to Setup a VPN Connection in Windows 8


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